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Cyprus is a well know freediving location with many great spots along its beautiful coastline, Cape Greko, famous Zenobia wreck or Limassol to name a few. Locals have also organized few freediving events and following those successful events were a consequence the establishment of AIDA CYPRUS in 2005 to represent the entire island of Cyprus in local and international events and organizations. From that year until today pool games and depth games have been organized annualy. Savvas Savva, a long time and internationally recognized freediver and president of AIDA Cyprus took the actions further and established a freediving school, Free2dive in Limassol. Check it out.
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Cyprus Freediving History

The free diving history in Cyprus starts in 1995 when a group of people with a real love for the sea and free diving founded the non profit organization OFEK "Friends of Free Diving". The purpose of establishing the O.F.E.K. is to bring together people engaged in diving and guide them through various events in proper cultivation, development and dissemination of free diving, spearfishing, underwater shooting and other sports-related apnea.

In March 2003 OFEK organized the first pool games with athletes competing in dynamic and static apnea, that was the spark for future competitions in Cyprus. At the same year the first depth Games under AIDA rules take place , elite athletes was participated among them Martin Štepanek that made a New world record for the time, CWT 93 meters. 2004 the event was reorganized  with success. 

Free2dive School 

Free2dive is a freediving school in Cyprus that can provide theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to amateur as well as certified and experienced free divers. Savvas Savva, the funder and instructor of Free2Dive, aims to guide his students to a secure and enjoyable underwater adventure.

If you are fascinated by depths and would like to immerse into the blue with a single breath, you might want to check the school out. Through four progressive courses, you will learn everything from the basic principles and techniques to physics and physiology in free diving or rescue techniques and dives with alternate weights.

The Free2Dive School is bidding to take over the AIDA World Champions ship for 2015. Savvas hope to have the honor and the majority of votes to organized the WC in Cyprus. 

Detailed information about all courses can be found via Free2dive official website. At the moment, the school offers  freediving courses of all levels throughout the month of October until the 15th of December in Nicosia, Larnaca Limassol and Pafos. Check it out.

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