Liv Philip Wins 7th Mediterranean Freediving World Cup!

Liv Philip who has already wrote about swooped into Crete this summer to win the 7th edition of the Mediterranean World Cup. A total of 25 freedivers from 13 Nations attended the event for shorter of longer stays and due to a tight work schedule, Liv only came out for one week and did just a couple of training dives before the competition proper. Despite these disadvantages and it being so early in the season, Liv, who only had one opportunity to perform each of the three disciplines, did three solid dives with the necessary white cards to win: CWT 55m, FIM 50m, CNF 40m.
6. 8. 2014

Liv gave thanks to the organiser, judges, doctor and safety divers, and said ‘it was very special to have sometime in the sea, because of financial limitations and commitments at home, I have had very little time in the water this year, especially compared to many of the other athletes, so I really felt very happy and humbled by being in the ocean again’. Liv is in her element in any type of water, but she has a particular affinity with the sea and with the depth season just beginning these are exciting times for the British Champion, boding well for the coming months.

With 5 competition days on offer (and the possibility of 2 weeks prior training), athletes could compete in the 3 depth disciplines (constant weight, constant weight no fins, free immersion). To win the competition trophy, athletes had to attempt at least one dive in each of the 3 disciplines, and the winners of the Med Cup are the freedivers – man and woman – with the highest total score in the three depths disciplines.

Congrats Liv!

Photos: © Nicholas Kouvaras, copyright applied.


6. 8. 2014
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