North Pole Freediving Challenge

It is happened! Russian Freediver broked Depth World Record under ice. 13th April, 8:31 pm, North Pole, 89` 59.556’ Novikov Konstantin made a dive under ice in Constant Weight with fins to a depth 65 m (213 ft). Congratulate Konstantin on this great dive.
17. 4. 2015 Photos: 4

 Extreme cold, high physical strain, and a major mental challenge are the main factors that need to be mastered when deep diving in complete darkness under ice. For Konstantin a single breath was enough to make it down and come up again in 2 minutes and 12 seconds without any assistance. 

Old record had depth 51 meters. Croatia freediver Kristijan Curavič made his record on the Spitsbergen in 2005. 


17. 4. 2015
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