One Breath: An Unforgettable Story of America's Greatest Freediver

If you are a competitive freediver the lack of oxygen is the main obstacle that stands between you and the bottom. But where exactly is the bottom line? Each year, we see numerous records broken. But the depth game represents a big risk: squeeze. In plain language: blood vessels bursting in throat and lungs. Yet, freedivers dive with squeezes. I think we don't have to go deeper on this subject as everyone who's involved in this beautiful activity is pretty much aware of the danger. The below sneak-peak from a book aptly called "One Breath" is sad but a true story about one of the best freedivers in the world, Nicholas Mevoli, that shook the whole freediving scene. Some blamed doctors, others Nicholas for going too far but one thing is for certain, competitive freediving will never be the same.
22. 1. 2016

A blend of Into The Wild and The Wave, ONE BREATH is about the life and death of America's greatest freediver, and an in depth look at the extreme and elegant sport of competitive freediving. It's about seeking adventure and authenticity, pushing limits and finding love. This video is just a sneak peek. Log on to or for information. 

22. 1. 2016
Tags Freediving

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