Outstanding Contribution to Freediving Award Goes to Liv Philip is proud to announce this year’s Outstanding Contribution to Freediving award has been presented to Liv Philip, one of those divers that fully committed their lives to freediving. London based champion and record breaking freediver with the highest combined score in six freediving disciplines: static apnea, dynamic apnea with fins, dynamic apnea without fins (pool disciplines), constant weight with fins, constant weight without fins, and free immersion (depth disciplines) sure deserves it.
19. 7. 2014

The award was introduced some years ago year and in previous years, has been awarded to John Moorcroft and Ben Noble.  As well as being National Champion seven years in a row, breaking ten national records, being the World’s top ranked female freediver across the six disciplines in 2010 winning the title World Absolute Freediver award and World Championship Bronze medal winner in the 2013 Individual Depth World Championship, Liv is one of the UK’s most active freedivers in the community.  

Liv, a Master Instructor who also runs two London-based clubs, has instructed and coached quite a number of other successful freedivers including many of the British Team showing a community spirit that makes her a great ambassador for freediving.  Liv has also represented the sport of freediving in the media many times with film and TV work, and works extremely hard in her role as Training and Safety Officer for the British Freediving Association. Congrats!

Photo copyright & courtesy of Emma Critchley & Liv Philip


19. 7. 2014
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