RedC Cup Freediving Competition Starts Tomorrow

The second edition of a growing international freediving competition, the RedC Cup, will be held in Dahab, Egypt on August 27th-29th. This year, there will be freedivers from 8 countries in total, pushing their limits in CWT, CNF or FIM disciplines. The RedC Cup Dahab is a Mecca for freedivers - the superb conditions of the crystal clear blue water and instant depth right from shore, draw many of the elite competitive freedivers from all over the world to train and compete here. Organised by Wendy Timmermans and Pim Vermeulen, both sucesfull freedivers themselves, the event shows a lot of promise.
26. 8. 2015

Words by Wendy Timmermans: The first and third days are for depth, taking place in the famous Blue Hole. The athletes can choose between any of the three following disciplines: Constant Weight with Fins (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM).

A freediver exploring the stunning backside of the Blue Hole, known as 'the saddle'

CWT is one of the most popular disciplines in freediving, where the freediver uses a mono-fin or bi-fins as propulsion. For CNF, the purest discipline in freediving, one only uses one’s own muscle strength with an adjusted breaststroke. The last discipline (FIM) requires the freediver to pull down and back up the rope using arms only. During the second day the athletes will compete in the STATIC discipline, attempting to hold their breath as long as possible. This will be taking place in the confined waters of the Light House.

RedC Cup Competition in Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt

The competition is hosted by two permanent residents of Dahab, Pim Vermeulen and Wendy Timmermans. Both are from Dutch origin and are experienced AIDA Instructor Trainers, Judges and athletes. The competition takes place under auspices of the Dutch Freedive Association (DFA), whom we thank for their support.

Photos: © Wendy Timmermans


26. 8. 2015
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