Secret Swamp Spring Spot in Florida

Watch as three freedivers Brian Channing, Jennifer Brant, and Brian Russell explore the unknown. If you thought freediving can't be more extreme check this out - the swamp does not give up its secrets easily. In most cases, there are no roads to these places, no signs telling you whether to go right or left either. Stepping through the surface and into a snakes den, losing your shoes or breaking a leg are real possibilities. And mostly, you get lost several times. Is it worth it? For some, it's like stepping on Mars and the hope of finding another "underwater planet" is what its all about.
10. 4. 2015

"We decided to freedive a spring that's in the middle of a swamp. A legit swamp with waist high mud, snakes, and gators. What an experience! Got lost a few times. Was minutes from a panic attack when I thought we weren't going to find our way out. Three hours of walking around the swamp before we finally found this beautiful Florida spring. Was it worth it? You tell me"

                                                                                                                                          -Brian Russell-

10. 4. 2015
Tags Freediving

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