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In the second half of September (September 16th to 27th) top world freedivers will meet to compete in the Team Freediving World Championship 2014 on the Italian island Sardinia. Team championship takes place biennially changing its guards with Individual Championship. Team Freediving World Championship is a great training motivation and a great opportunity to compare the training techniques used and condition of individual racers and all the national teams.
18. 8. 2014

Photo: Petr Slezák, Kapr Dive

This year, Czech Republic will be represented by two teams, either female or male team. Male team consists of Martin Valenta, Petr Vala and Miroslav Sevcik. Female team consists of Jarmila Slovencikova, Vendula Strachotova a Katerina Suranska. Czech male team took two silver and one bronze medal, females were twice the fourth. Both Czech teams would like to achieve such results in upcoming championship too. Martin Zajac, racer himself and keeper of the “The Best Coach - AIDA 2011 “Best of the Best ” Awards” is a captain and coach of the Czech male team.

This year‘s team freediving championship contains three disciplines – two in a pool –Dynamic Apnoe with Fin (DYN) and Static Apnoe (STA) and one in-depth discipline – Constant Weight with Fins (CWT). Final results score a count of all the results of all the team members, therefore even small lapse of one could affect the result of the whole team.

Photo: Petr Slezák, Kapr Divers

Czech Republic gained 14 medals till now regardless the team or individual world championship. Those were 4 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals. Great competition from all over the world is expected this year on the Team Freediving World Championship. Many freedivers takes their preparation for this championship seriously and prepares themselves for whole the year to be in their best form for the Championship. Of course, both Czech teams wants to fight for the best score among the top of freediving teams of the world.

Support the Czech freediving representation!

The project named: Start up the journey of the Czech freedivers towards Team Freediving Word Championship! was released this week on the web page to support our racers with help of freediving fans.

Disciplines description:

Constant Weight (CWT) Royal discipline of freediving.The freediver descends and ascends using his fins/monofin and/or with the use of his arms without pulling on the rope or changing his ballast; only a single hold of the rope to stop the descent and start the ascent is allowed. The name Constant weight comes from the ban to take away weight belt before the ascent. Discipline Constant weight splits to two categories – CWT (with fins) and CNF (without fins)

Static Apnea (STA) - The freediver holds his breath for as long as possible with his respiratory tracts immerged, his body either in the water (the maximum depth of 3 meters) or at the surface. Performances could be done and recognized both in pool or open water (sea, lake, river, etc).

Dynamic With Fins (DYN) The freediver travels in a horizontal position under water attempting to cover the greatest possible distance at one in-breath. Any propulsion aids other than fins or a monofin and swimming movements with the arms are prohibited


18. 8. 2014
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