Suunto Vertical Blue 2015 coming soon

After two weeks will start freediving competition the Suunto Vertical Blue. On April 27th, 24 athletes from 13 countries will join the event host and top world freediver, William Trubridge, to compete in the nine day competition at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. Some athletes begun the depth training in last few days.
21. 4. 2015

Suunto Vertical Blue is more than just a competition, it has a convivial atmosphere that makes it special. On Suunto Vertical Blue compete athletes who haven't trained for long and are diving to 30-50m, right up to the biggest names in the sport, who are setting national or world records at almost every event, together.

Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s deepest underwater sink hole, Suunto Vertical Blue offers the prospect of battles between the world's top freedivers. Among those attending this year are Ryuzo Shinomiya (JAP), Annelie Pompe (SWE), Katarina Linczenyiova (SVK) and William Trubridge (NZL)  the World Star’s of freediving.

Freedive depth disciplines consist of three categories:

Constant Weight No Fins (CNF): The freediver descends and ascends without any assistance (only using arms and legs without fins).

Constant Weight with Fins (CWT): The freediver descends and ascends using fins/monofin and the use of arms.

Free Immersion (FIM): The freediver dives without the use of fins/monofin, but pulls a rope during descent and ascent.

Competitors have six official dives to challenge themselves and their rivals to obtain the coveted Suunto Vertical Blue Championship title.

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21. 4. 2015
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