Vertical Blue 2015 - Highlights from Day 4-6

Strong performance continued and 8 National Records were set throughout day 4-6. Although sky wasn't always crystal clear, dive conditions were good to make it for another great time at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Althought the winners of this year's comp had been already announced, the OceanicAllStars crew that captured all the underwater action going on has released "Act 2" of the 9 day competition so far. View the highlights below and look forward to the final chapter!
13. 5. 2015

Suunto Vertical Blue came to an end last Friday and the event has been exciting as ever. Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan and William Trubridge of New Zealand have come victorious at the end, taking home gold with 286.96 and 300 total points respectively. Second bests were Tomoka Fukuda & Ryuzo Shinomiya (both Japan) and rounding off the podium were Slovakian born Katarina Linczenyiova and Alejandro Lemus from Mexico. Visit VB website for more.


13. 5. 2015
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