Water Born - Freediving as Never Seen Before

Water Born is a new web series that explores some of the world’s most unique underwater environments alongside renowned freedivers Kirk Krack, Shell Eisenberg and Ren Chapman. All three are on a journey of creative passion, with the goal of producing mesmerizing films and works of art, all set beneath the water’s surface. The project’s ultimate mission is to re-inspire its audience, by using creative, out-of-the-box style filming, to create an appreciation and excitement for 73% of the planet ocean. We at are happy to support this interesting project that was launched its first webepisode on November 5, 2014. Enjoy and stay tuned with us for more!
7. 11. 2014

Water Born is the brainchild of Marc Kaiser (president and CEO of Precision Health Care), Kirk Krack (president and founder of Performance Freediving International) and Goh Iromoto (award-winning director/cinematographer). The objective is simple: to combine the key elements of adventure, freediving and creativity to create a program that will open the eyes of people of all ages worldwide to the unique environment that exists underwater. 

The first season consists of three web-based episodes, each approximately 8 minutes long and to be released on YouTube & Facebook, wherein the Water Born team ventures to the Bahamas and Mexico to showcase an underwater fight scene amidst sharks, the surreal waterscape of the cenotes, and the search for the enormous whale shark.

In each episode, the team creates an artistic short film, all within the realm of breath hold. The stories all involve characters on breath hold and, for the most part, the entire film crew is on breath hold as well. Each episode begins with a 5- to 6-minute look at the behind-the-scenes trials of filming the creative short-film pieces, whether it’s safety or filming logistics. We reveal the fruits of our labors, a 2-minute art film, at the very end of each episode.

So get ready to fuel your imagination and join the team as they venture into beautiful underwater realms to create some of the most unique and captivating short films ever imagined. This is Water Born. Check out behind the scene as well as final edit below.

Photos: © waterborn


7. 11. 2014
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