William Trubridge and Marianna Krupnitskaya Claim VB2014

Once again, the Dean’s Blue Hole in Bahamas welcomed the best freedivers from all corners for the world to compete at Vertical Blue 2014 presented by Suunto. Among those who attended this year were also World Champions Alexey Molchanov and Marianna Krupnitskaya. It was especially great to see Alexey and William Trubridge pushing each other's boundaries as they immersed into the blue. In the end, it was William taking the win in a tight duel with Russian Champion. Marianna Krupnitskaya confirmed she is at the top the game although Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan came in a very strong second remarkably at her first international competition.
12. 12. 2014

The pressure was high especially on William who had gone through a highly publicized World Record attempt taking place in the same week. But he coped with it well, coming up not only strong but fast - in just three minutes and nine seconds. “I think this was one of the fastest dives I’ve ever done at that range,” he said after his dive, “I knew I had it in the bag when I heard the safety divers give me a grouper call, and I thought it seemed so early to see them.”

"I am pretty happy with my performances, I did everything I was planning to. I did easy dives in every discipline and feel very strong to go even further next year", said the women's overall winner.

Check out below video of the day 7 featuring the newly engaged Jakob Galbavy of Austria, a Steinlager toast and interviews with Marianna Krupnitskaya and the winner and event organizer William Trubridge.

Overall VB 2014 Results:


1.William Trubridge, NZL - 295.12 pt
2. Alexey Molchanov, RUS - 285.43 pt
3. Samo Jeranko, SVN - 238.67


1. Marianna Krupnitskaya, RUS - 292.79 pt
2. Sayuri Kinoshita, JAP - 272.11 pt
3. Kate Middleton, NZL - 250.97 pt


12. 12. 2014
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