William Trubridge Goes Inside the Deepest Blue Hole in the World Again

Dean's Blue Hole in Bahamas is the deepest in the world when it comes to freediving. The hole, that after descending 20 meters (66 ft), widens considerably into a cavern with a diameter of 100 meters (330 ft) suddenly plunges to a depth of 663 feet (202 meters) deep. Diving and even swimming here is at your own risk as locals believe the world's best freediving locationwas dug by the devil.
15. 10. 2014

William Trubridge needs no introduction. He was the first freediver to dive at Dean's Blue Hole in 2005, a home of the annual Vertical Blue event. There he broke his first world record in the discipline of CNF (Constant Weight No Fins) in April 2007, diving to 81m. Since then he has broken this record multiple times, and remains the first human being to descend deeper than 90m in this discipline.

On one October sunny day, William got to hang out with the living legend Pete Bethune and his friend Walid to train FIM in the Blue Hole. And William who also holds the world record in Free Immersion, with 121m (397 feet), did a 110 m (361 ft) at Blue Hole! Watch William going down deep from Pete Bethune's video he took that day.

15. 10. 2014
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