World´s Freediving Championships 2015 Calendar

Freediving season of 2015 seems to be quite busy. Get ready for as much as 4 world´s freediving championships in this year´s calendar. As teams compositions of the participating nations are still being formed, audience can await two „Pool“ and two „Depth“ races scattered across four European locations. Mediterranean individual competitions still prevail with Cyprus and Italy being hosts of the Depth disciplines, while the Pool breath-off swimming competitors will head for France and Serbia.
17. 3. 2015

World´s freediving races are actually governed by two world associations: AIDA International (International Association for Development of Apnea) and CMAS (World Underwater Federation). Not surprisingly, both split the 4 events between themselves. brings you the dates of the action for 2015. It´s going to be as follows:


2015 Pool World Championship 19. - 20. 6. 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

2015 AIDA Depth World Championships 11. - 20. 09. 2015, Limassol, Cyprus


Underwater World Apnea Championship Indoor (DYN - STA - Speed Apnea) 24. - 31. 07. 2015, Mulhouse – France

Underwater World Apnea Outdoor Championship (CW and Jump Blue) 04. - 11. 10. 2015, Ischia Island, Naples - Italy

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17. 3. 2015
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