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Advanced Kayaking Instructive Video

We came across an instructive video about kayaking made by team Gene17. These guys really know what they talk about and the video is very well made but it can in no way substitute real course with instructor. Take it as an invitation to the world of kayaking, but don´t try it in your pool :)
14. 3. 2014

Advanced Kayaking Instructive Video - Video Part 1

Comment from Gene17 :  In the years before at Gene17 we had attempted to conceptualise the dynamic movement of the boat and the paddler, through an arcing move. Now this is more about the paddler through both leaning and edging to gain purchase on their paddle blade at an important transition in the rapid, than the resulting product of a boof where it is used in most cases. The dynamic movement of flaring accesses the rivers energy, often through the shape of the feature, like riding arc of a curling wave, or breaking out by driving the boat over a boulders pressure wave into the eddy be hide, or punching a diagonal lateral on a vee hole, it's all flaring not just boffin.

On reflection, since the making of this segment in 2005, the coaching of boofin' has moved on, and these days we promote a torso rotation technique that used the core strength of the upper body, rather than a hip thrust, as in Genes. Perhaps time for an update!

Advanced Kayaking Instructive Video - Video part 2

14. 3. 2014
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