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Australia´s Wildest River - Tully River Rafting

Tully River is a river situated on the northeast coast of Australia, halfway between the cities of Cairns and Townsville. Located on the edge of Tully Gorge National Park, the Tully River runs east to the mouth of the Pacific Ocean. To reach its wildest waters you just need a few steps from the parking lot. The river water is supplied from the dam above its upper course. Tully´s upper parts offer rapids of 4+ and rank among the most rafting-suitable and challenging rivers in Australia.
8. 10. 2013

Tully River is easily accessible as its rapids begin directly below the dam outlet, next to the road. There is also a spacey parking lot and enough shaded areas for starting your navigation with a relaxed preparation. In the upper part of the river, you can expect more than 40 interesting zones concentrated around big enough boulders and rocks. The difficulty reaches from 3+ to even 5.

The river area is located in the tropics and the average temperatures are ranging from 25°C in winter to 32°C (95°F) degrees in summer. This allows rafting and kayaking all year round, even when its raining.

Adrex.com recommends services of the most traditional Tully´s enthusiasts and its first conquerors from the team of Raging Thunder. Established in 1984, Raging Thunder Adventures ranks among the largest adventure companies not just in Australia. The company started its services right with the rafting guidance. Therefore, you can expect their rafting guides to be highly experienced and professional.

To enter the Tully´s valley, expect almost two hour drive from Cairns and even more from Townsville. You leave Bruce Hwy (A1) in the city of Tully (named after the river) drive further south through the city to reach Jarra Creek Road heading directly to the Tully River valley. From here, it is another 30 minutes to get to the river enter.

Contacts: Raging Thunder Adventures Ltd., 52 - 54 Fearnley Street, Portsmith, Cairns, Australia  Phone  +61 7 40307990     For more information you can go to:  www.ragingthunder.com.au

Source: Raging Thunder Adventures website  Thanks to Peta Zietsch. All images are property of Raging Thunder Adventures.  Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander

8. 10. 2013
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