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Bohinj Lake - The ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup Venue

Slovenia is a beautiful country. Lying in the heart of Europe, with more than a third of its area protected, this small, green piece of land is where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonia Plain meets the Karst. Due to its mountainous landscape, the country appeals for a lot of sport activities. No wonder the ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup is held right here. On 7th and 8th June, Lake of Bohinj, the largest permanent lake in North Slovenia lying next to Bohinj, a picturesque clannish village hosts the Marathon World Cup 2014. A perfect training ground for any canoeist.
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Set in Triglav's National Park, Bohinj offers you spectacular views and fascinating details. The natural attractions of Bohinj will take your breath away at every turn, while showing you a different face in every season. Explore Bohinj by stories of the past: explore museums, various historical periods, interesting architectural solutions, picturesque examples of folk art, diverse stories and tales ... Bohinj is a wonderful web of cultural and natural attractions that can enrich your experiences.

The ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup 2014

The ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup's venue is located in Stara Fužina, close to touristic center of Bohinj, Ribčev Laz. All accommodations are easily reached within walking distance. You can check yourself in a four-star Hotel Jezero that is just a stone's throw away from the mountain paths and 10 minutes from the venue. Also, the tourist office Bohinj offers a large variety of private accommodations, which are mostly on apartment basis, some are being offered as Bed&Breakfast, but can be arranged also boarding on half-board basis. The destination is simply accessible; the quickest way is to hop on a plane to Ljubljana from where the venue is about 50km far.

Bohinj's Tourist Office

The Bohinj Lake

  • Coordinates: 46°16′56.31″N 13°51′29.6″E
  • Type: Glacial origin
  • Surface area: 3.18 km2 (1.23 sq mi)

The Bohinj Lake

If you would like to find out more about the upcoming World Cup event, check organizers website for additional information. Whether you decide to attend it or come to explore Slovenia's beauties of nature later, you won't be disappointed, Lake Bohinj is great for water sports of any kind.

All images are courtesy of Turizem Bohinj; Copyrights applied.

Source: http://www.bohinj.si

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