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Colorado - The Land of Pristine White Water

With an abundance of rafting outfitters, lakes and rivers, Colorado has everything a whitewater lover needs. Each spring, great volumes of snowmelt make its way from the mountains, flows through towering canyon walls and creates strong enough rapids, making Colorado one of the best places in the world to experience whitewater rafting. Colorado has 158 named rivers, so whatever your skill level or experience, chances are there's one that's just right. To make your decision easier, Adrex.com got in touch with KODI, the only rafting outfitter in Colorado owned and operated by a 3rd generation boating family.
14. 5. 2015

KODI Rafting has been providing whitewater rafting trips in Colorado since 1986, and some of their relatives competed in downriver and slalom kayak races, on the Blue River, Colorado River and Clear Creek – in times before Interstate 70 even existed! KODI Rafting is truly a local’s favorite, and it’s no surprise that they have been voted “Best Rafting Company” in Summit County 9 times. From mellow floats on the Upper Colorado to the exhilarating rapids on Clear Creek and the Arkansas River, KODI offers more than 30 trips, on 6 Colorado rivers, at all levels of experience.

"We have outposts in Buena Vista, Breckenridge, Idaho Springs, Frisco, & Kremmling with trips for all ages and experience levels. On most Summer days, guests can find KODI Rafting on the Upper Colorado, Clear Creek, the Blue River, and popular Colorado whitewater destination - the Arkansas River. Whether splashing your way through Browns Canyon National Monument, soaking up the sun and scenery on the Upper Colorado or renting Stand Up Paddleboards to cruise around Lake Dillon, we have an experience for everybody," says Lauren Swanson, KODI Marketing Manager.

Want to know exactly what awaits you on one of the best rivers Colorado has to offer?

Clear Creek

The whitewater rafting on Clear Creek is some of the best in Colorado, and it’s only 30 minutes from most locations in and around Denver and Summit County. KODI Rafting offers three great trips on Clear Creek offering a wide variety of options from a quick 1/3 day Class II-III option to a steep and narrow plunge down Class IV rapids like Meat and Beef and Lumpy’s.

Arkansas River

The Arkansas River in Colorado is a world class rafting & kayaking destination and it doesn't take long to figure it out why. KODI Rafting rafts two different sections of the Arkansas River; the newly designated Browns Canyon National Monument (which, according to American Whitewater, is the most popular whitewater rafting destination in the country; editor's note) and the Numbers, some of the greatest and continuous white water rafting in Colorado.

calmer Browns Canyon

and adrenalin-pumping whitewater rafting at Numbers

The Blue River

The Blue river  offers intermediate whitewater through beautiful scenery. It's a perfect river trip, mixing calm floats, exhilarating whitewater, and spectacular Rocky Mountains. The river is most popular in the early season, as it relies heavily on spring-snow runoff so better call KODI for up to date status of its water level.

The Upper Colorado

Last but not least is the Upper Colorado River. It might not be as exciting as the rest but you won't find the crowds here, either. Instead, you float by bald eagle nests and have a chance to see one of these magnificent birds that haven't been hassled away by constant traffic. It's easy to access, and is a great trip for those who are looking for a relaxing day on the river.

To find out more about KODI or plan your trip visit www.whitewatercolorado.com.

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14. 5. 2015
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