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Crazy Speedy Ditch Ride - Ben Marr, Canada

Ben Marr is a Canadian adventurer and adrenaline performer concentrating mainly in kayaking. He regularly tackles the most difficult water streams all over the world. The end of September has brought him a new amazing challenge in the form of a very steep drainage ditch in Lions Bay.
15. 10. 2013

Lions Bay is a village located about 12 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Here you can watch the video showing a 27-year-old Ben kayaking down a steep drainage ditch. His sliding into the bay reached speeds of 56 km/hour (just under 35 mph). Therefore, it was very difficult to ride his kayak only in a narrow water strip. He slid along the ditch edge several times to get to the most demanding lower part of the trench mouth to the bay.

Source: Ben Marr´s FB profile

15. 10. 2013
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