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Ngobe-Bugle Onboard Your Raft - Kayaking and Rafting Chiriqui, Panama

Panama is a country renounced worldwide for its rivers of rare and remote beauty. As most of the Panama rivers originate deep in the forests of the mountains, gathering momentum in their medium parts, they prove to be very powerful especially during rainy season. The rivers vary in difficulty, providing excellent white water adventures for every rafter, from beginner to the most advanced and extreme. Adrex.com will gradually introduce you all Panama´s important Rafting and Kayaking rivers.
9. 9. 2013

Most rivers are comfortably navigable and only available during the rainy season, which means from June to November. The best guides you can get here are indigenous Guaymi people. They are also known by the name Ngobe and are closely affiliated with a small group known as the Bugle, the most numerous indigenous groups in Panama. The Ngobe-Bugle (Guaymi) traditionally live in the western provinces of Bocas del Toro, Veraguas and Chiriqui.

Some of the rivers located in the area under the Panama´s highest point of Volcan Barú in Chiriqui province:

Rio Chiriqui Viejo

Class III - this river is located near the border of Costa Rica and is the most popular white water adventure location in Panama. The river has continuous rapids and is a fun and exciting river for every rafting fanatic.

Rio Gariche

Bijagual Section - Class II and III 

If abundant vegetation, exotic birds, pristine waterfalls and sightings of monkeys are your delights, then the Gariche River is the perfect river for your paddling, consisting of mostly Class II and III rapids. Gariche river offers quintessential combination of sheer tropical beauty and exciting whitewater rafting.

Rio Fonseca

Boca de Balsa Section - Class III and IV

Located in the Ngobe-Bugle Indian Territory. During rainy season this is perhaps one of the most challenging rivers left untoched by hydropower construction and similar projects. This river is ideal for more experienced rafters. It is abundant with excellent swimming holes in its crystal clear waters and countles powerful rapids.

Rio Majagua

Lower Section - Class II and III 

Located close to the city of David, this section is convenient for families looking for an introduction to the whitewater world. Adults and children alike will take pleasure in this river's exciting whitewater as well as swimming through the many calm and tranquil pools found throughout this section.

For guidance to the area of Chiriqui province of Panama, its rivers and river Rafting tours, Adrex.com recommends services of Chiriqui River Rafting company, located in the town of Boquete, about 30 km north of David city. The village of Boquete is situated exactly at the foot of the Panama´s famous Baru Volcano cone. Thanks to its „steep“ location it is also providing extreme Kayaking conditions (watch the video below). To get to Boquete you can take bus or car from the David´s city centre. To get to David you can use services of several airlines operating to Enrique Malek International Airport in David, Panama.

Panama Rafting

Panama Rafting are a family operated adventure company that has pioneered the sport of river rafting in Panama. They offer many ways to experience Panama's beautiful landscape and unique culture through various white water excursions. They are the only rafting company in Panama to utilize Ngobe-Bugle (Guaymi) Indians as river guides.

Contacts: Chiriqui River Rafting, Entrega General, Boquete, Chiriqui, Rep. de Panama. Tel. +507 6879-4382

To read additional information you can go to:  www.panama-rafting.com  

Source: Chiriqui River Rafting website  Thanks to Hector Sanchez. All images are property of Chiriqui River Rafting.  Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander 

9. 9. 2013
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