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Rafa Ortiz and Isaac Levinson Take on the Stikine

The Stikine has often been referred to as the Everest of whitewater kayaking. This beast, located in remote British Columbia, is seen as the pinnacle of whitewater, and in recent years more and more paddlers have made the pilgrimage to explore its hidden treasure and rapids difficult enough to make any of the most hardcore kayakers scared. This time, two professional kayakers Rafael Ortiz and Isaac Levinson head off to northern British Columbia to give the Stikine a go.
11. 3. 2015

In 2009, Rafael Ortiz, a professional kayaker from Mexico, was one of only four kayakers in the world to have completed a drop of over 100ft. Isaac Levinson was 2012 Male Paddler of the Year. You can tell those boys have enough skills to take on one of the most challenging big water runs on the planet, the Stikine. Located in remote British Columbia, the two not only have to confront harsh wilderness but also multiple days of class five whitewater.

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11. 3. 2015
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