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Rafting and Kayaking the Rapids of Noce River - Val di Sole, Italy

Val di Sole (The Sole Valley) is a valley in Trentino, northern Italy. Over the years, it has become the perfect center for outdoor sports, mainly due to the waters of the river Noce. Its steep torrents allow for extreme sports such as kayaking, canyoning, rafting or hydrospeed. The Noce river in Italy is indeed a paddler’s paradise as it offers maximum entertainment to all kayaking and rafting enthusiasts. Hitting the river rapids, an interesting spot to set foot on, Noce sports gigantic waves to make your rides all the more exhilarating and exciting.
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Located in Val di Sole, the Noce River is the hot spot for all kayakers as the river provides high-level of excitement, thanks to its Class III, IV and V rapids. A leading river in North Italy, the river begins its long journey from the Corno dei Tre Signori Mountain of the Ortles-Cevedale Range. The entire path of the Noce River is simply stirring, as the river has several levels and the navigational pathway is quite long. As you float through the current or surf through the waves and surpass the diverse levels of rapids, the beautiful landscapes surrounding its path will surely intrigue you. As the river moves further down to Cogolo, the water body is joined by Noce Bianco. Thus, as you slide through the whitewaters of the Noce River, the proximity of the waves will fascinate and captivate you to some great extent. As the waves crash back on your boat, push you towards a boulder and you cut past the waters, the entire experience will definitely be an electrifying one.

The various trips available from several adventure agencies allow participants to undertake a gradual and safe approach to these activities. After the first few kilometers of lively water and beautiful scenery, the first true rapids begin. The duration of each trip can vary depending on the water level, the crew itself, the weather conditions and other factors. Guests need to bring a swimming costume, shoes that can get wet, a long or short sleeved shirt to wear under the wet suit and a towel for the hot shower at the end of the trip. The ideal time for visit to the area is from May to September, when the river is at its highest level.

Rafting Center Val di Sole

Adrex.com recommends one of the most experienced teams in Val di Sole, whose members´ passion for river sports lasts since 1984. Rafting Center Val di Sole is not only a highly qualified team, but also a group of nice and funny people, different from one another: professionals, students, doctors, architects, river guides, world wanderers, ski instructors, teachers. All of them sharing a great love for rivers worldwide and eager to share that passion with their clients. The Rafting Center is affiliated with the Italian Rafting Federation and officially recognized as a rafting school, in which only professional river guides work. All the  guides have passed difficult examinations, comprising guiding, water rescue and first aid and must be highly knowledgeable in the river where they work.

For additional information go to:    www.raftingcenter.it    

Contact:   Sporting Center Val di Sole , via Gole 105 - 38025 Dimaro, Trento, Italia    Tel.: +39 0463 973278

Source:  Rafting Center Val di Sole website   Thanks to Boris.   Video:  Youtube

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