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Have you ever heard of Rogue River? This wild river rises in Cascade Range (mountain range reaching from British Columbia through Washington to Oregon) and after 215 miles (346 km) flows into the Pacific ocean. If you want to discover its beautiful scenery, perhaps the easiest way it to take advantage of services offered by Rogue Rafting Company in Oregon. Rogue Rafting co. is located at the most thrilling spot of this whitewater river and besides rafting it also offers fishing trips. Let´s take a look at what Rogue River Company offers:
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Southern Oregon´s most popular day trip:

This is a adrenalin packed rafting trip that is great for the first time rafter or an experienced river rat! The two largest runnable rapids on the Rogue River are lurking on this section of river. "Nugget Falls" (also known as Hayes Falls) and "Power House" (also known as Ti'lomihk Falls) both hold a class IV rating based on the standard whitewater rating system. This stretch of river is unique because it begins in calm mellow current and gradually progresses in rapid size and excitement level. Each team of paddlers will build their skills and confidence on multiple class I and II rapids before Challenging what the Rogue River has to offer. This first stretch of the trip has some crowd favorites such as "Ol Slippery Rock", "Bitterman Falls", and "The Surf Wave".

Midway through the adventure we meet with our first class IV challange "Nugget Falls". After your first big rapid of the day you are rewarded with a calming drift down a mellow section of the river. This will give you just enough time to enjoy a refreshing drink and a quick snack. The trip finishes with an exciting finally at "Power House" rapid, one of the most breath taking spots on the whole river. This section of river offers many wildlife viewing opportunities. Common sitings include waterfowl, osprey, eagles, beaver, otters, Mink, black tail deer, Salmon, turtles, black bear, and much more. The trip is suitable for children 8 years and older. There is an opportunity for any of our guests to walk around the two class IV rapids if needed. Groups of all sizes are welcome and trips can be customized to certain interests.

Trip Length: 7 miles
Time Required: approximitley 3 hours
Class: I - IV rapids
Age Requirement: 8 years or older
Price: $85.00 per person

Full-day whitewater rafting adventure on the Rogue River

The Rogue River full-day adventure starts just upstream of Rogue Rafting Company's riverside location. The trips begins with some smaller class I and II rapids giving all of the paddlers a good opportunity to get some instruction from their guide and practice maneuvering the boat as a team. The rapids gradually progress in size and excitement level. This section of the river is often called the "Nugget/Powerhouse Run" named after the two largest rapids on the run. Nugget Falls also referred to as Hayes Falls is a adrenaline pumping double drop falls followed with a boat swallowing hole. Rogue Rafting Company has a professional photographer staged at Nugget Falls and offers the action photos for sale at the end of your adventure.

There is a mellow section of water following the falls which gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy snacks and refreshments. This calm pool is followed by the largest rapid of the day Powerhouse Rapid also known as Ti'lomhik Falls. Powerhouse is a thrilling double drop rapid that leaves the raft bobbing around in one of the most beautiful spots on the whole Rogue River. About a mile down stream of Powerhouse is where the trips stops for a delicious deli style riverside lunch. After lunch there is an option for guests to continue down river in the raft with their guide or you can paddle one of our top of the line inflatable kayaks. Anyone wishing to paddle one of the inflatable kayaks will be given instruction and a demonstration during lunch. The second half of the day is all class I and II rapids that are suitable for beginner and experienced kayakers alike. This full-day adventure is a perfect way for you and your family and friends to spend a hot summer day.

Trip Length: 14 Miles
Time Required: 6 hours
Class: I - IV
Age Requirements: 8 years or older
Price: $129 per person

Scenic river trip

Our scenic river trips are designed for folks that enjoy the great outdoors and are looking for an opportunity to relax and soak in the beauty of Southern Oregon and the Famous Rogue River. We offer trips on a number of stretches of the Rogue but one of the most popular is a scenic float from Tou Velle Park down to Fishers Ferry. During this float you get amazing views of the Table Rocks, Mt. Mcloughlin, and the former site of Gold Rey Dam. During these floats you will have the option of staying in the raft with your guide or captaining your own inflatable kayak down the mellow river.

There are always opportunities to view wildlife on these trips. Common sitings along the river include black tail deer, beaver, otter, mink, eagle, osprey, turtles, waterfowl and much more. Your guide is there to get you safely down the river as well as share knowledge of the wildlife and sites along the way. Dry bags are included in the trip so you will have the opportunity to bring along a camera and capture photos of beautiful scenery and lasting memories. Trips can be customized to certain locations and trip lengths. 

Trip Length: 7 Miles
Time Required: Approximately 3 hours
Class: I - II
Age Requirement: 6 years and older
Price: $85 for adults $65 for kids 6-10 years old

Multi-day river trip

 A chance to spend two days on the amazing Rogue River and one night in a spectacular riverside lodge. Nothing clears your mind like a day of leisurely floating down the river through rapids, sight seeing, swimming in cool pools, skipping rocks, eating delicious meals, throwing horse shoes, rustic but luxurious lodging, and spending time with friends and family. Maybe two days…

Our two day lodge trip begins with you meeting us at Rogue Rafting Company or us picking you up from your local hotel or Rogue Valley International Airport. From there we take a van ride to the river where we will get geared up and do a briefing on river safety. All guests will have the option of riding in the rafts with the guides or captaining there own inflatable kayak. Right off the ramp we will enter the famous Hell Gate Canyon of the Rogue River. This canyon was made famous by movies such as "Rooster Cogburn" and " The River Wild". The canyon is followed by a number of exciting rapids to cool you down and a nice riverside lunch. We will reach the lodge in the afternoon giving you plenty of time to enjoy the grounds and activities. Morrison's lodge offers gourmet meals for dinner and breakfast. The following morning gets off to a leisurely start with time after breakfast to enjoy a hike or just relax in the comfort of the lodge. Mid morning we will get geared up and hit the river for the remainder of the float down to Grave Creek. This section offers great scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities as well as exciting rapids like class III "Argo". We will enjoy another great riverside lunch about midway to the take out and have the option to test the cooler waters of Grave Creek. Depending on the timeline of the group there may be time for a hike down to Rainey Falls.  There is an option to include a class IV run on the nugget powerhouse section of the river on the first day.  

Trip length: 15 miles
Time required: 2 days 1 night
Class: I - III
Age requirements: 6 years and older
Price: $435 per person

Fishing Trips

Fishin Oregon specializes in Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout fishing on the Rogue River. Our  staff of seasoned guides are experts in a variety of fishing techniques: fly  fishing, spin casting, bait bouncing, and pulling plugs. All fishing rods and  tackle as well as bait and flies are furnished by the guides. In order to  provide the kind of individual instruction we prefer, there is one guide per  boat, and each boat holds up to three fishermen. Our McKenzie-style drift boats are  truly the "Rolls Royce" of river craft. Passengers relax in the luxury of  comfortable bucket-type seats with back & arm rests. The guide sits behind where he can give instruction and watch the rod tips for the tell-tale bite.

Day fishing trips are available on other  rivers as well such as the Umpqua River, Which has an amazing Winter Steelhead run and  some non stop Smallmouth action during the summer. The Chetco River  where you can hook into some monster Chinook Salmon (Kings) in the Fall. As well  as the Upper Klamath River which offers some great fly fishing for native Red  Band Trout. We also offer our popular Rogue River BLAST & CAST during the fall hunting season. Please don't hesitate to inquire about any of our trips you may be interested in we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

We provide:
    - Comfortable boat seats and heaters for those cold days.
    - Rods, reels, all terminal gear and bait when needed.
    - Licensed courteous, patient, knowledgeable guides to teach you.
    - Lunches provided upon request for a nominal fee.
    - We can arrange lodging accommodations for you.
    - All fish are cleaned and bagged for you at the end of the day.

You provide:
    - Current fishing license (Day fishing licence approx. $17)
    - Layered clothing to adjust to variable weather conditions.
    - Rain gear if needed.
    - Any personal items: sunscreen, camera, hat, sunglasses etc.
    - Beer and/or wine if desired.


Rogue Rafting CO.
207 Upper River RD.
Gold Hill, OR 97525

For additional information you can go to: www.rogueraftingcompany.com/ 
Source: Rogue Rafting Company web  Thanks to: Ben Bansen. All images are property of Rogue Rafting Company 

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