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Wizard's Eye Expedition: Unlocking the Door to the World

Tyler Bradt is one of the most renowned expedition whitewater kayakers in the world - he holds two world record waterfall descents, the most recent being Palouse Falls at 186.5 feet tall. Known for pushing his limits, he has decided to set his wildest dream free - leaving his home to set off on an adventure that's going to take five years and maybe more, nobody knows, the course is unknown. Circumnavigating the globe on his new sailboat named the Wizards Eye, he and the crew of other adventurers aboard will explore the journey as it comes - getting on expeditions in all disciplines from kayaking, kiting, BASE jumping, speed flying and surfing.
14. 7. 2015

Fear of the unknown has haunted Tyler Bradt from an early age. Holding the world-record for the highest waterfall ever run in a kayak, Tyler now sets off on an entirely new adventure. With a 45 foot, 20 ton steel hull boat built for the world’s most demanding environments, he and his wild demographic of friends, extreme sport professionals, and others met along the way have been circumnavigating the planet searching out and living the most off-the-wall experiences and extreme stunts. From Indonesia to the shores of Africa the Wizard's Eye Expedition Leg III tackles yet another wild adventure: the Indian Ocean.

14. 7. 2015
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