Across the Horizon with Michal Krysta

To construct a DIY ocean racing yacht might sound like a dream. For Michal Krysta, an athlete and adventurer, it is a clearly set and just the first goal in his project Across the Horizon. The new Class Globe 5.80 brings affordable ocean racing yachts along with new opportunities. But the project is not only fruit of craving for adventure, breaking through barriers and survival in extreme conditions. It is a philosophy of life! „All you can imagine is actually doable.“

To me, the great outdoors have always been the best place to play. Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests. Since a little kid I have been longing for every moment to get out and experience new adventures. To discover new things, explore wildlife and learn from the laws of nature. That was something that mesmerised me and became my major passion. And the day when I first got into a kayak was the first word in my story. The chapter I was about to start writing seemed so long.

Years and years in a water sports club, first races, defeats, victories. I was learning to work with my mind, to build my spirit, and found out that you never get something for nothing. Hard work pays off. This is how I won a few medals to decorate the walls in my home. But I did not have enough, I needed to move on. To explore mountains, no matter what the weather was, freezing or windy. White water taught me a lot. Then it was time to learn something new.

So I started focusing fully on climbing. Countless hours of bouldering and plenty of weekends in the High Tatras and the Alps made a boy’s dreams come true. An expedition in the Himalayas, with the goal to reach the peak of Changabang, nearly seven kilometres above the sea level. The two-kilometre long steep North Face route had our full respect. We struggled in the new route of the North Face for several days. In the end, we got defeated, the mountain won. At least we managed to descent in peace. That indeed was a great lesson. A stunning experience, bringing more humbleness and respect for life, and pushing the boundaries of friendship somewhere further, deeper.

Yet that was not the end. I wanted to reach higher. Next stage? Red Bull XAlps, one of the toughest adventure races in the world. A paragliding race from Salzburg to Monaco. Over 1,000 kilometres in a beeline. Actually, it took over 2,000 kilometres on foot and by air. It was not easy to qualify for this race, as only the top 33 paragliders are admitted. But here we go, after 12 years of training I finally did it! My feelings were beyond description. I enjoyed the race despite all the difficulties I had to overcome.

And now? The following chapter is actually going to be the longest so far. Setting out for a solo cruise across the Atlantic Ocean in a self-made boat is one of the biggest challenges of my life. The last boat I have made before was a pine bark toy boat around 25 years ago, and I can still remember cutting my finger with the knife I was using as a tool.

This will be a real challenge. Time flies in merciless pace and there will not be much time for proper training. Yet I believe the project will be inspiring not only to me, but also to people around, and it will motivate other enthusiasts to reach for their dreams. I believe it will show any boundaries only exist in our minds. The project will be reported at www.acrossthehorizon.cz and at facebook: @acrossthehorizon1.

Adrex are going to track Michal’s expedition „around the world“. Stay tuned and get inspired. His challenging motto goes: „If I can do it, YOU can do it too“. „By pushing our inner boundaries we explore the essence of being.“

Text and photo(s) by: Michal Krysta

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