Extreme Control Adventure - Tulum, Mexico

Extreme Control Adventure - Kiteboarding, Paddleboarding and Diving School has been offering top quality service to students from all over the globe in the most beautiful locations in the world since 2000. Specializing in active vacations they offer fun activities enjoying the natural surroundings in a healthy and ecological way.
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First Professional Kiteboarding Schools along the Riviera Maya and operate in Tulum, Mexico, year round.  The Caribbean sun and warm waters make it an incredible place to spend hours in the ocean learning kitesurfing, going on downwind trips or just riding waves on the reef break. The open stretches of white beaches and side onshore winds are a great environment to learn and improve your kiteboarding skills.  They offer exciting safaris to the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula where you find ideal conditions for kiteboarding with sideshore winds and an open beach all to yourself! During the summer season they open their kite school in Tarifa, Spain and during the autumn season offer personal training services in Cumbuco Brazil.


The stunning coastline and jungle lagoons offer beautiful scenery for paddleboarding trips where people of all ages can enjoy the surrounding naturaleza from a unique view.   They also offer yoga classes on the boards so you can combine two amazing activities in one and practice balance in a truly zen way.


Tulum is famous for its underground river system for cavern and cave diving.  People from all over the world come to experience this unique diving opportunity and Extreme Control is proud to offer professional and experienced guides to show you this underground world.  Tulum is also located along the second largest barrier reef in the world and offers spectacular opportunities to see this underwater tropical environment.

If you want an exciting way to spend your holiday and learn new ways to enjoy the natural world then come and join Extreme Control!

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19. 5. 2015

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