Flyboard - Incredible Deeds of Water-Flying Gadget

Just a few years ago, you would have been hardly successful in searching the „Flyboard“ term in your Foreign Words Dictionary. Even today, you would have found just a very few people answering correctly, what the Flyboarding actually is. It´s not that big a surprise, because the history of this aquatic adrenaline activity goes back only to 2011, when it was officially launched by French enthusiast Franky Zapata.
22. 8. 2013

Franky Zapata was certainly not the only one who is engaged in the development of similar devices. But, through testing of several prototypes, he has managed to solve several basic problems such as control, power supply and free-movement on the water surface. Then, in 2011, in Marseille, France, he introduced world his finished product for the first time - driven jets, and operated Flyboard.

The principle of Flyboard operation is basically very simple. With water jets fitted to your legs, a sufficiently strong stream of water is able to give you enough power to raise you a few meters above the water level. While out of water, additional jets held in your hands enable you to control the direction of your movement. It can be compared to the ski poles for example. The whole apparatus is connected with a wide hose to a water scooter that takes care of adequate water supply without limiting your freedom of movement too much.

Thanks to Flyboard, you can romp above the water, dive, jump or swim like a dolphin. We really experienced guys able to use the gizmo for performing an incredible stunts. Looking at some videos, we can imagine even a commercial usage of it. Could be monster carwash or boat washing :-)

Flyboarding still remains a relatively expensive entertainment, but due to its very rapid technological developments and increasing competition, we may soon expect the masses to come along the „sport“ at a more affordable level.

22. 8. 2013

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