God´s Bath, Clavey River - Cool Cliff Jumping, California, USA

God's Bath is a swimming hole of the Clavey River north of the Yosemite National Park. It features a waterfall that drops into a deep basin that you can jump into. Along the right side is a hole in the rock formation where you can jump in and swim underneath into the main pool. The Clavey River is one of the longest free flowing rivers in the Sierra Nevada and its ice cold streams add to your jumping thrill.
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The high point to jump in is about 20 feet depending on how high the water is. Near that high point is a pit. Once you jump into this pit you can swim under a rock bridge (all underwater) to get to the main swimming hole. It can be scary if you are not comfortable. Across this high point is a vertical face you can run along. It is difficult to get to this ledge if you are tall and/or fat because the ledge is narrow and cramped. The waterfall has places to sit behind it. It is a lot of fun to swim through the waterfall and sit there for a while. It is loud.

Position: God's Bath is a one hour drive from Tuolumne, in Northern California.

Thanks for information from Miles Clark. Photos: Miles Clark, source www.snowbrains.com

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