MotoSurf GP continues in Czech Republic

The MotoSurf GP season continues this weekend at Nové Mlýny lake in Czech Republic. Czech Republic race is 3rd stage of MotoSurf GP 2015 after Mexico and Slovakia races.
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Nové Mlýny lake is the complex of three water-reservoirs under Palava on the river Dyje, the famous South Moravian region. The stunning beauty of the region is the perfect setting for the fun and excitement of the MotoSurf GP.

Get up close to the action! Feel the thrill of MotoSurf GP. Experience Motorised Surfing at the highest level. Real Thrills. Live Action. More than 20 Top Rated Athletes from 15 countries, Moto Racers, Aerobatic Pilots, Professional Surfers competing for line honours. It's MotoSurf GP 2015!


Friday 24.7.
11:00 - 17:00 Races - groups
Saturday 25.7.
11:00 - 11:30 Race group B
12:30 - 12:40 Acrobatic exhibition
14:00 - 15:30 Final Races
16:30 – 17:00 Ceremony
Place: Nové Mlýny lake, Pasohlávky, Camp Merkur


The Jetsurf Raceboards are ultra light weight high tech water machines, with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all MSGP Racers to travel easily around the world together with their machine — a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles and motorized sports. This makes the Moto Surf GP the cheapest, economical and environmentally most advanced and friendly Motorsport in the world today.
Our Jetsurf Raceboards are the fastest water machines which are self carrying by its Riders.
Last but not least is the Moto Surf GP one of the safest Motorsport in the world, with Jetsurf Raceboards weighing as little as 15kg, the kinetic energy is minimal, if a Rider falls off his Raceboard and cuts the engine via the kill switch his Raceboard will stop after maximum 5 meter. There is little to no danger to the Racers, this is why other famous Motorsport icons such as WRC, F1, MotoGP, Red Bull Air Race Pilots are training and racing with the Jetsurf Raceboards.

Source: https://motosurfgp.com/

23. 7. 2015

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