Phuket Winds - Kitesurfing, Windsurfing & SUP Thailand with Patrick Gasiglia

The story of Phuket Windsurfing is about people who have turned their passion for windsurfing, diving and kitesurfing into a career. Since its establishment in 1985, their company has given top priority to customer satisfaction, team spirit, fun and professionalism.
21. 6. 2013

Phuket is the place to be if you want to be active in or above the sparkling blue sea. Phuket can offer you all kinds of water sports facilities. From November to April , winds come from east side, it is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing.


From May to October, in Phuket, the west monsoon winds are blowing. Windsurfing is still possible but the waves are often big, so it's the perfect time for surfing or wakeboarding. Every year, the Phuket international surfing contest is held in mid-September.

For contacts and more info you can visit:   www.phuketwake.com  or   www.phuketwindsurfing.com

Source:  Phuket Windsurfing website ( thanks to Patrick Gasiglia )  Video: Youtube.com

21. 6. 2013

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