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Diving the Wreck of Russian Whiskey - Class Submarine, Bornholm, Denmark

Another very interesting diving site in close vicinity of the island of Bornholm, Denmark, is 70 m long wreck of a Soviet submarine – Whiskey type, which sank in 1989, now lying at a depth of 32-39 meters.

Whiskey´s sinking history is not a kind of adventurous, though certainly interesting either. After removal from service in the Russian army it was sold to Danish owners who ferried her across the Baltic as a scrap metal. But dismantled "can", near the island of Bornholm, took water and sank to a depth of 30 meters. Later, when they tried to pull her out again, she eventually managed to sink by a further ten meters.

Today, Whiskey is lying on the sandy bottom at a depth of 39 meters, is slightly tilted to starboard and unlike most wrecks of submarines remains largely unconcealed. You can see interesting design parts and depth of rudders, propeller, bridge, torpedo hole ... all in very good condition. During our visit we also caught a perfect visibility, which is estimated usually to be around 15 -20 meters.

Photos: Milan Benc, Radoslaw Bizoń     Video:    Text:  Thomas

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