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Explore the Underworld of Ibiza

According to some, Ibiza is Europe's best diving destination. More than 50 dive sites to choose from, great visibility, abundant marine life, warm waters and over 200 kilometers of spectacular coastline is what this place is renowned for. Although Ibiza attracts around 6 millions tourist a year - mainly due to its lively club scene - there's more to it. No crowds and still unspoiled spots can be found in Ibiza, especially on a secluded north-coast cove, Ibiza's peaceful side.
27. 7. 2015

Whether you are amateur or professional, there are plenty of dive sites to everybody's liking. Characterized and immediately recognized by its deep blue color, this part of the Mediterranean is a true underwater paradise. There are plenty of reasons to cross Ibiza off your bucket list but the main one lies down below: an exceptional diversity of marine life.

The marine ecosystem along Ibiza's shoreline is also notable for its well-preserved Posidonia, a kind of sea grass. A huge colony was discovered south of the island. At 8 km across and possibly up to 100,000 years of age, it may be one of the largest and oldest cloned colonies of Posidonia on Earth.

All in all, Ibiza's not to be missed. There are many qualified diving centers located around the island offering their services and it might be somewhat difficult to choose the right one. recommends Aqua Diving Center (ADC), a neat PADI center located in the Santa Eulalia harbor. We got in touch with the guys to ask about  dive sites that will blow your mind.

The centre is located in the Santa Eularia Marina and opened last year with the philosophy of offering a different kind of Dive that what is offered in Ibiza: a more relaxed and enjoyable kind of Dive. "We love Diving and want to share our passion with others, either they be certified divers or first-time divers", say Nicolás Morganti of ADC.

"Some of the best  and most iconic dives of Ibiza include the Little Dado - a very near the Ibiza Marina there are two small islets known as Los Dados. The smaller one has a bottom blooming with life", continues Nicolás.

The Don Pedro is a must dive whilst in Ibiza - it's the largest shipwreck in Europe for recreational Diving with 141 meters long, the hull is almost intact and the years have covered it with life: school of barracuda roam the ship while lobsters, crabs and starfishes nest in the derelict ship. Due to its size the ship offers different dives but the main one tales you to the propeller and the bridge.

"The Cathedral of Cala Llonga an iconic dive of the east coast is not to be missed. With its hollow inside and an entrance  3 meters under the sea level the only light that enlightens this cave dive comes from below, giving it a unique look while we use our torches to Discover the inhabitants that dwell there", sums up Nicolás.

Photos: ©ADC


27. 7. 2015

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