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Fiji: Soft Coral Capital of the World

Off the southern coast of Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, are roughly 70 km2 of barrier reef systems that hold a unique place in the country’s ecological landscape: the Namena Marine Reserve established in 1997. The reserve and associated barrier reef system offer something of everything - from Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, Mantas, Pygmy Seahorses, undiscovered species and spectacular Soft Coral laden reefs. No wonder Jean-Michel Cousteau labeled Fiji the "Soft Coral Capital of the World", the archipelago will take your breath away no matter where you dive. But it has certainly its gems and Vanua Levu is one of them.
20. 12. 2015

Ever dreamed of diving in Fiji's northern reefs? Known as some of the best diving in the world, this area will capture your appetite for undersea paradise. Spots like Somosomo Strait’s Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall, Yellow Wall, Grand Central Station, the Chimneys or Purple Gardens, Dream House, and Leapper’s Wall that are closer to the shore are the biggest draw here, offering breathtaking and colorful underwater spectacle.

Vanua Levu is less tourist-oriented than Viti Levu, Fiji's main island but there's a still lot to see and do for the more adventurous travelers and divers. Located on the south coast, Savusavu town is nestled in beautiful surroundings: a sheltered bay and Wasali Nature Reserve,an unspoiled, rugged rainforest streaming with waterfalls and endless swaths of lush flora. If you like silent, forgotten places you will love Vanua Levu.

The best diving is to be found in the south of the island around Savusavu: Barracuda Point, Dreadlocks, Nasonisoni Passage or Dream House are exactly the types of diving for which Fiji is famous. Walls, caves, overhangs, hard and soft corals, variety of fish, you name it. Probably the best spot is Dream House. The pelagic sights are what make this dive stand out from others. Whether it's the deep water pinnacle with its colorful soft corals or hammerheads in the distance, this dive will stuck in your head for a long time for its photogenic scenes. In the absence of current, you can leisurely  circle around the pinnacle but  the currents will take the excitement to  another level. Thus, depending on conditions, this dive is suitable for all levels.  However, the spot is worth doing in both sets of conditions.

With an access to renowned diving sites such as Namena Marine Reserve, the Somosomo Straits or the Dreamhouse, Dive Namale, a PADI 5 Star Resort facility located just outside of Savusavu has long been known as one of the top dive operators of the area. With dedicated and professional staff, equipment, gear, numerous diving programs, accommodation and spa on site and one of the best diving Fiji has to offer to be found right at their doorstep, you can do no wrong checking those guys out.

Photos: © Dive Namale


20. 12. 2015

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