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Macedonian Divers Explore Vrelo Underwater System for the First Time

Macedonian divers from Akvatek and Vrelo clubs have run a diving expedition to Vrelo underwater system that lies on the right bank of the Treska River located west of the capital city Skopje, Macedonian largest city. They have explored new passages and parts mainly to conduct a research of the cave and to make maps of its underwater canals. Vrelo, which was nominated for the new Seven World Wonders, has been researched for several times but this was the first time Macedonian divers were able to dive in next to foreign experts that had explored the Vrelo underwater system before. Although the exact depth of the cave is unknown, some speculate that it could be the deepest underwater cave in the world. It looks like the hunt for the deepest underwater cave has just begun. Take me with a pinch of salt on this, but it would be quite a quirk of fate if the Macedonian divers found another hidden passage like the team of Polish divers did recently in Czech Republic. We'll see.
11. 9. 2015

Stay tuned for more news on the Vrelo Underwater System!

11. 9. 2015

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