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Of Shark and Man: Gritty Tale of an (Un)ordinary Man

Unlike the rest of shark documentaries, David Diley's Of Shark and Man serve viewers rather different perspective. A perspective of a 32 year old Englishman, who ditches his boring career to follow a dream half way around the world, diving alone with a school of Bull Sharks in Beqa Passage, Fiji. Right here, the Fiji’s first Marine Reserve dedicated to the protection of Sharks was established and right here, David, diving uncaged, alone, surrounded by hundred sharks starts living his life to the fullest. This is one of the must see films this year as there is this ever-present tension felt throughout the whole time that is best described by David saying," Nothing can prepare you for where you are sharing space with 50-60 massive bull sharks."
28. 8. 2015

The official launch date of the film is the 27th August 2015 starting with the UK and then onto the international film circuit – in the meantime you can see the trailer below or go to the film website at

28. 8. 2015

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