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THE PIT - One of the Deepest Cave Passages Known in Mexico

We have already written an article on one of the longest systems in the Yucatan Peninsula, Dos Ojos and covered the Mexican southeastern region on numerous occasions but this time, we will have a closer look at the deepest cenote in the State of Quintana Roo, The Pit. For long, the passage was kept secret and only dived by locals but those days are gone and the spectacular dive is now accessible to anybody. Well not anybody, to take a plunge into the "other world" you still need a guide, who's Cave Certified. Good news is that we know of somebody, who's just made for the job. Read on.
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As you might be planning out your diving vacation in Mexico for this year, you may be wondering what type of certification you’re going to need in order to dive the cenotes. Most dives require Open Water Certification but if you want to go deeper, as in case of The Pit, you must show a proof of Advance Open Water Certification.

The Pit is by far the most challenging and adventurous of all the cavern dives in Tulum but it is definitely worth the effort as it is also probably the most spectacular. And the deepest; The Pit is part of the system Dos Ojos, and contains the deepest cave passage known in the state of Quintana Roo with 130 meters / 400 feet deep.

The cenote has a small opening at the surface compared to what it offers below. A jump of 6 meters or 18 feet into the water will take you to another world. Rays of bright turquoise light for more than 30 meters or 100 feet reach straight down. Unlimited visibility, a cloud of hydrogen sulfate, anthropological remains and cave formations make this cenote an experience unlike any other. The Pit was discovered in 1996 by cave explorers who came all the way from the main entrance, something like 1500 meters / 5000 feet away. The passage includes the deep room Wakulla, the passage after the main base, Jill room and the passage of the next generation.

With your gear packed up and a flight booked the only question remains, who to seek? One of the most respected cavern guides in the area, Paolo Correa, a certified INTD Cave Diver and INTD Sidemount Cave Diver will not only take care of the safety but show you how to get the most out of your dives in a fun and educational way. His extensive knowledge of the intricacies of each cave system gives him a huge advantage guiding caverns tours and before you enter the water, Paolo will speak about all the different cenotes and what to expect from each, making your final choice a lot easier.

Apart from The Pit, Paolo guides all other cenotes in the Riviera Maya near Tulum such us OxBel Ha, Nohoch Nah Chich, the well-known Dos Ojos, and many others (shown in the gallery below). If you'd like to find out more, visit Paolo's website, get on the phone with him on +52 1 984 140 68 13 or drop him a message at

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