Award-Winning Tierra De Patagones DVD's out

Joaquin and Julian Azulay wrote about in connection with their GAUCHOS DEL MAR project has just released their second documentary Tierra De Patagones (Land of Patagonia) to download, capturing the two brothers on their 6 month trip across the Patagonia Region. Once again, the gauchos del mar brothers pursue their goal of free surfing; this time at one of the southernmost areas of the world: Staten Island. They travel with a truck and live in a tent across the Patagonia during six months, where they share experiences with native people, get to know their jobs, show the endemic flora and fauna, and last but not least, fight against the harsh weather conditions to reach Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and continue across the Straight of Le Maire, of the most dangerous seas in the world to explore Fin del Mundo (End of the World).
20. 11. 2014

After the first success Gauchos del Mar brought, Azulay's brothers decided to explore the Patagonian coast of Argentina and Chile to learn more about  the southern cultures, discover new waves, meet new friends, unique animals and journey to "Isla de los Estados", an uninhabited island located near the southernmost tip of South America.......

Isla de los Estados

You can buy their Tierra De Patagones DVD in several languages for 30 bucks outside of America, check it out here.

The Moon over Tierra del Fuego

sleeping under the stars

By buying the DVD you will support the guys and their next trip to Africa scheduled for  2015/2016. This latest project aims to show Africa from its roots, from every corner and village, talking with locals, showing the life they go through every day and sharing their different cultures as valid and different options from the system in which we live in cities today.

Photos: © Gauchos del Mar


20. 11. 2014
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