Jamie O'Brian Lights Himself on Fire and Go into a Barrel at Teahupo’o

You gotta love Jamie O’Brien. The professional free surfer known as J.O.B. needed probably a new challenge when asking people on Instagram what they would like him to do. Somebody thought it would be cool if Jamie lit himself on fire and Jamie liked that idea so much he went for it. It took about 12 months of preparation, making sure the idea is feasible and that Jamie won't get burned. O’Brien became known as a barrel-riding master, winning the Pipeline Masters, the most prestigious event in surfing's World Tour and although the fire stunt was unlike anything he'd done before, it was kind of expected of him - after all, Jamie has been always an old prankster and all-around game changer.
26. 8. 2015 Comments: 0

“When you’re on fire in the barrel, the whole wave lights up fluorescent orange," O'Brien said in an interview with his sponsor. "It’s a really crazy feeling that you can’t even explain. I’ve been surfing big waves my entire life, but this time I had this flame just wrapping around my head, which was pretty insane. Something totally different than anything I’ve ever done before.” Check it out.

26. 8. 2015 Comments: 0
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