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There are some surfers, who are left with no choice but to embrace the cold and there are some, who surf in the cold out of necessity. Whatever your passion for cold water surfing is, gone are the "brave" days when you had to sacrifice the comfort of warm water to score perfect and uncrowded yet freezing swells. Tyler Sauter, Zak Robinson and Ross Beane, dedicated cold water surfers from New England, came up with the Surf Sauna, a little gem that will make your cold adventures much warmer.
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As surfers who cut their teeth in cold New England waters the appeal of the surf sauna was obvious. All it took was a Makerspace and a dream-team of master craftsmen and the project morphed into reality. The tale of surf sauna predates but is intertwined with the formation of Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth New Hampshire. A tight knit group of surfers and craftsmen spent many years tossing the idea around before making the first cut into western red cedar. Sailors all, adventurers by nature; the surf sauna team is made up of surfers who hang around the makerspace and love making it happen. 

Each Surf Sauna is built to anyones specifications. A wide host of options allows you to make surf sauna the adventure mobile you want, and the manufacturer can size them to accommodate 2 to 8 people. The Surf Sauna is built for winter surfers, and while a mobile sauna has obvious applications for all sorts of winter activities, this one has function and aesthetics that are at home on a snowy beach. Western Red Cedar is naturally rot resistant and antimicrobial. The chassis, and hardware are made from marine grade galvanized and stainless steel to hold up to years of salt water exposure. Surf Sauna has an optional off-road kit that comes with wide tires and a mounted shovel and hi-lift jack aimed at helping you get unstuck after pulling it to your favorite secret spot. 

Starting at $16,400, the price includes surf racks, a wood fired stove, the aluminum brim, and brass hatch. With plenty of add-ons according to your needs, the Surf Sauna is worth a check. For more information go to the official website.

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22. 7. 2014
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