Surfing Sydney and Byron Bay - Southeast Waves of Australia

Three Aussie mates, Kim, Nat and Dan were born and bred on Australia's East Coast. They met in the waves and all shared the same dream, to enjoy a life of surfing and travel. Through passion and enthusiasm they turned a dream into reality with the creation of Mojosurf. 2008, 2009 & 2012 winners of the Golden Backpacks Best Tour/Activity in NSW, they now extend an invitation to you to experience the life of a travelling surfer. returns to the eastern Australian coast, this time to Byron Bay.

Togerther with Mojosurf you can join fully guided mobile adventure and you will escape the crowds and explore remote beaches in search of good times and fun waves. Whether you're travelling south, north, want to get away for a few days or just looking for a great surf lesson, Mojosurf offer you many years of experience and knowledge of the area. The team of Mojosurf provides also surf-schooling and gives lessons both in Sydney and Byron Bay area.

Tours and lessons operate from Sydney to Byron Bay via Arrawarra everyday of the week.

Mojosurf Sydney Surf Lessons

They will pick you up from the city and take you to Sydney's most uncrowded beach that can only be accessed by 4WD car. At the secret Sydney surf spot they will provide you with everything from the equipment, food and personal lessons.You can enjoy a full day of surfing and hanging on the beach.

Mojosurf Byron Bay Surf Lessons

They'll pick you up from your accommodation of choice in Byron Bay and whisk you away to where the waves are best for learning to surf. Depending on the conditions, they can pick you from half a dozen beaches just south of Byron Bay to ensure you get the best possible learn to surf experience. They'll get you suited up with a surfboard and a wetsuit if needed. After a quick stretch and beach lesson, you hit the water for some Mojosurf surf school action with professional surf instructors.

Mojosurf focus on key areas to have you up and surfing with confidence and style. With years of experience They have developed superior instructional techniques to assist all levels of surfers from beginner to advanced. Fully qualified instructors with level one beginner and level two advanced coaching qualifications to ensure you surf at your best. The instructors are in the water with you assisting every step of the way. Mojosurf also use photo and video analysis to help you see where your surfing is at. They only surf on the best beaches to suit your ability. As they are mobile they can be flexible to customise the trip to get the best surf.

Address: 2/9 Marvell St., Byron Bay, 2481 New Souh Wales, Australia. Tel. +61 2 6639 5100

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Source:  Mojosurf website and FB profile  Thanks to Rani Kenway. All images are property of Mojosurf. Copyright strictly applied.  Video: Youtube  Text correction: Thomas

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