The Biggest Bodyboard Championship to be held in Chile

On December 6 - 14, 24 countries represented by 172+ best athletes from around the world will soon arrive to Chile, the gathering place of the world’s best Bodyboarders, who will compete in the ISA World Bodyboard Championship (WBC). Set in beautiful city of Iquique known as “The Land of Champions,” the location promises incredible Boadyboarding waves. This biggest event of its kind will have complete live coverage to more than 125 countries via live webcast. Don't miss it!
4. 12. 2014

This year, the event will be held at "Punta Uno", a a rock bottom, right point break, located in the north end of Cavancha Beach in the city of Iquique. This city is considered the Bodyboard capital of the country due to its perfect Bodyboarding waves; a strong and potent tube connects all the way to the beach’s shoreline. It is very shallow, no more than 1.5 meters deep, depending on the tide. Waves can range from 1 meter to over 10 meters here; the quantity and quality of waves in Iquique are some of the best in the world.

Team Chile will be for sure looking to take the Gold in their home turf

Bodyboarding has traditionally been a division of the ISA World Surfing Games, which has crowned Open Men’s World Bodyboard Champions since 1988 and Open Women’s World Bodyboard Champion since 1996. Due to the growing popularity of the Bodyboard division and the increase in participating athletes, the ISA decided to organize its own World Championship in 2011.

Brazil’s Eder Luciano, the 2X defending Open Men’s Gold Medalist 

As with every World Championship, the surfers will compete for Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper Medals, the World Team Championship, and the honor of representing their respective countries. In 2013, the competition was hosted in Playa Parguito, Venezuela and saw a triumphant victory from team of Brazil, Eder Luciano and Neymara Carvalho (both Brazilian) in final rounds.  Are they going to reign supreme also in 2014 or will team Chile take advantage of their home turf? We'll find that out soon.

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The 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship Teaser

Photos: © ISA/K. Ortega


4. 12. 2014
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