The Old, the Young and the Sea

Every surfer or ocean lover should watch The Old, the Young and the Sea , a surfing documentary tale about the people who inhabit, surf, travel and protect the European shores. Produced & directed by Mario Hainzl and Andreas Jaritz, the founders of Austria based media production company Nomad Earth Media, they captured exactly what happens when you go on a camper van trip and meet people along the way - 20 weeks, 6 regions, 1 coast and the stories in between, that's what The Old, the Young and the Sea is all about. You should not miss a minute of it.
23. 9. 2014

After a big success at the International Surf Film Festival, Mario and Andreas decided to bring their awarded debut to a big screen. They set on a tour via theaters, exhibitions, festivals and other various events all over the world to show a true and moving picture of the vibrant and diverse European life styles through the very personal stories of the movies protagonists. From pros such as Garrett McNamara talking about riding supposedly the biggest wave in surf  history ever or french Pilou Ducalme paddling Belharra monster wave to a local fisherman giving us insight into a day-after-day repetitive work in rough sea conditions and many others listening to the sound of the sea.

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23. 9. 2014
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