Clementine Lucine – Elegance from France

This tiny, cheerful and likeable fair-haired waterskier from France is one of the most versatile contenders of today. Her bragging rights list is admirable. A total of four world-record mark shattering in tricks and also to top things off, Lucine is the first lady to ever break the magic 10 000-point mark. This performance also helped her to set the World record in Overall. She in turn joined the “merciless” battle of four female waterskiers who were competing for this title.
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We are talking about the year 2011, as the World Ladies Overall Record went through the hands of four waterskiers within only three months from August till September: Whitney McClintock (CAN), Clementine Lucine (FRA), Natallia Bedrnikova (BLR) and Regina Jaquess (USA). Lucine triumphed most at the World Championships in Linz in 2007. She took the Overall and Tricks gold.
Lucine also shines during Europeans, where she is definitely one of the stars. Amongst current competitors, she has the most European titles. Six of them in Overall and Tricks and two in Slalom. Therefore nobody should doubt her ability to fish for some more on the coming Europeans held in Melice, Czech Republic.


- 106 medals between nationals, Europeans and Worlds
- Won Europeans 28 times, 43 medals. (Won in Individual from 2003 until 2013 consecutively between slalom trick and overall)
- World Record holder from 2004 until 2013 (trick and/or overall)
- 1st women over 10000pts
- 2 times World champion (15 medals total), 2013 world games champion and multiple world cup winner since 2005.
What comes to your mind when you hear me say the Czech Republic?
I think about how pretty I’ve heard Prague is, how excited I am to go visit it finally this year, and also how I remember people kissing on the lips to say hello when I was 15 and came over once. ;)
Are you planning to attend Europeans in Czech and are you looking forward to this event?
Yes I will be there, and I’m looking forward for the event. Every couple years, when we don’t have a World Championship, European becomes almost the most important event for us. Also, this year I’m very glad to come to a new place and meet new people, it’s going to be great!
Don´t you lack motivation to broaden your medal collection?
Honestly, not really. When you do your passion, every medal you win or every tournament you ski good at, makes it special, and I never feel bored. Also, I feel lucky to do overall, with those 3 very different events, you honestly can never be bored, and can always manage have new goals. I had goals mainly in overall for a long time, then a bit more in tricking and jumping, and then it shifted to slalom and tricks… it’s never the same and as long as I love it, I won’t lack motivation I think.
Who is your biggest role model?
I would say Freddy and Nick Leforestier for their amazing long lasting careers. No one pushed the limits of their events for as long as they did the past 20 years. And also I skied a bit Freddy and a lot with Nick, and their coaching helped me like crazy! Women wise many women were my role models for different reasons: Emma Sheers for her competitiveness, Elena Milakova for her talent and fluidity, Mandy Nightingale for her respect of the other athletes, etc.
Do you live according to any life motto?
Since we only live once, I think it’s very important to enjoy most of it, it’s the reason why I do what I want and what I love when I can, I see my friends as much as possible, I enjoy life globally and try to be as optimistic as possible in every situation.
Recently you have lost your incredible world record in Tricks, can we look forward to you regaining it?
Honestly, I’m not sure. I pretty much worked my entire career to be the first women to break 10000pts and mark history of skiing in my own way. Many people become world champion one day, but being the first to do something very cool like that is special and I was very happy to achieve it. I spend so much effort, and hours to be able to do 10000 that I already achieved what I wanted to do most. Now I’m enjoying when I ski good, I set new goals every time, every year and try to achieve them, and right now breaking this record again isn’t a priority.
Whom do you see as your biggest rival?
At Europeans, my main slalom competitors will be Claire-Lise Welter, Manon Costard, Geena Krueger and Nicole Arthur. Very hard to know which one is going to be the hardest to beat as they’re all very good!
In Tricks, the same, it will be Nathalia Berdnikava, Iris Cambray and Marion Aynaud. And in Overall, Nathalia Berdnikava and Marion Mathieu mainly.
Most of the time, my main competitor is Nathalia Berdnikava. We’re the exact same age, and have been competing together for a very long time, beating each other’s records, wining tournament one after the other.. she has actually helped me push my limits to get better, and will stay my biggest rival globally for sure.
What discipline is the most prestigious for you?
Honestly, that’s a very hard question… They’re all prestigious to me! J For me Slalom is the most enjoyable event for pleasure, Trick is the most precise, technical and rewarding event, and Jump is the most trilling and adrenaline driven event.
Your most beautiful experience in waterskiing?
I think there’s no better feeling like wining the world Championship for the first time, hugging your family in tears, calling you coach’s widow to tell her you won thanks to him, etc… a life time of work rewarded! Very worthwhile!
How would you greet the 2014 Europeans spectators?
By telling them I’m very glad to be here and I hope they’ll enjoy the event.

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