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How to find reliable trekking company in Nepal?

There are a lot of trekking companies in Nepal registered with Trekking Agencies’ Association in Nepal (TAAN). Among them some are government and some are private companies. Most of the agencies are inside Kathmandu. With the prospective of providing…


What is Meditation Cycling?

Benefits of Meditation CyclingSome people enjoy watching a video while they do their cycle workout, others prefer some pumped music to keep them going and still others prefer to have silence. A new concept includes meditating while cycling.Haven't heard…


Treks Himalaya Pvt. Ltd.

Treks Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. an indoor outdoor trekking and tours operative company takes you that further way to guarantee you has an unforgettable adventure that you have been dream with Treks Himalaya is part of your choice. We have your choose of trekking…


Nitro World Games – Salt Lake City 2016

NITRO WORLD GAMES ELEVATES ACTION SPORTS EXCELLENCEFMX Athlete Gregg Duffy Executes World’s First Double Front Flip in Professional CompetitionRyan Williams Dominates BMX with Mind-Blowing 1080 Front FlipGlobal Webcast and Social Media Reach Expected to…


Nitro World Games – Epic Event Live on

Salt Lake City Utah’s Rice-Eccles Stadium to Host the Biggest and Most Revolutionary Action Sports Competition of All Time — Airing Live in the U.S. on NBC and available exclusively to readers on Youtube.The biggest event in the history of…


That Look on Her Face? Priceless!

Static line jumps have had their place in parachuting for a long time but when it comes to base jumping or in this case "high jumping", it's a completely new game. The system follows the same procedure as used in bungee jumping, except there is a static rope connected to the ground all the way down. And that means only one thing - a longer freefall. Aptly called the Highjump Team, the guys are the only highjump operators in whole Spain and recently, they have released a great edit showcasing what the highjump is all about. We don't have say more just watch an extreme sports enthusiast Marta Jiménez jumping off the side of a cliff in Riglos, Spain, taking a 600 foot free-fall using a static line. Her face expression says it all.

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Icarus Bungee - 22 years of Pure Adrenalin

Icarus Bungee might not be your average bungee operator. Many commercial places have seen a quick profit in bungee as the sport or whatever you call it kept rising in popularity (yes, I am talking about amusement parks here), but there are still those who stick to the roots. Icarus, a bungee operator from California is one of them and that's why we got in touch with Daniel Roza, the founder of Icarus Bungee, who's been passionate about bungee and loves what he does - Dan has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a perfect safety record with no accidents or injuries.


Bungee Masters from Amboy, Washington

The highest official bridge jumping in the US located in Amboy, Washington should be definitely on your bucket list. The jump site spans a beautiful valley, which makes the perfect scene as you plummet to the majestic sparkling river below. Operated by, one of the first commercial operators in the United States, the private bridge is nestled on the edge of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, a beautiful emerald green forest. Need more? How about bungee jumping 1000-feet from the skid of a helicopter over a bubbling active volcano in Chile?

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Bungy Nepal - Bungy Jumping Specialist in Kathmandu

Bungy Nepal is arranged in Kathmandu Nepal, Who Were in Bungy Jumping pro. Bugny Nepal Brings diffrent sorts of stunning exprencies for Their young voyagers. They brought` the likewise the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Which Helps understudy to get less expensive filghts.

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Orlando Towers Bungee - Electrifying Experience

Based around the old coal fired Orlando Power Station built between 1939 - 1955 in Soweto, South Africa that collapsed on 25 June this year, being currently demolished, is the world's first bungee between the two cooling towers that serve the both, artistic and entertaining purposes. This prominent landmark of the area is the only place in South Africa where you cannot only bungee but also swing, SCAD freefall, basejump or climb up.

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