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Most common mistakes in climbing

The best way to avoid mistakes is not to learn them at all. The later you try to change your bad climbing habbits , the more effort it takes. We tried to describe the most common mistakes but the best way to tackle them is with the help of your instructor or some climbing guidebook.
Most common mistakes in climbing

1. Weight not on legs

It is mainly beginners who often rely on their arms too much.Arms pull the body up while legs remain only a dead weight.It leaves your arms exhausted soon and it is a dangerous style you can get used to. Always try to put most of your weight on your legs.

2. Advance not prepared

Everyone experienced it for sure. You arrive at the rock spot and your main idea is to be on top of it in a second. Starting your climb immediately often leaves you searching for the best moves and getting you rid of your energy. Think out your way up before and try to imagine the way through some parts in advance.

3. Centre of gravity imbalance

In case of a wrong balanced body it tends to turn away from the rock. If that happens , a ridiculous hang and probable fall is what you should expect.

4. Your bottom stuck out

While shrouded close to the wall to save energy, do not forget: your belly close to the wall, not shoulders.


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