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Kozakov Challenge 2018

The tenth year of Kozákov Challenge now has its winners. Thiago Gomes Lessa, Emily Pross and Mikel Echegaray Diez proved their top qualities. The fastest racer in the Junior category was Nicholas Broms. Czech participants also took good positions, with…


24th Mystic Skate Cup Dominates Prague´s Stvanice Island

In the completely renovated skatepark of Stvanice Island in Prague, Czech Republic, the 24th edition of the popular Mystic Skate Cup is held from Friday to Sunday. 380 boards of high quality wood, 30,000 screws and 120 liters of paint were used for the…


JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2018

In less than two months, Ještěd SkyRace, the renowned yearly run race takes place for the third time in history. Honza Dušánek, the head organizer, has shared the hottest news with us.Are there any changes and improvements compared to last year’s race?…


3 Sporting Challenges You Should Undertake

Sporting challenges seem like something we should fully commit to, but many of us lack the freedom, free time and inclination to take on marathon-length swims or long distance triathlons, let alone the training they require. We might not feel fit enough,…


Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2018 - World multi-sport Championships (NZL)

Whakatane’s Sam Clark made it three wins in a row while South African Robyn Owen claimed her first win in today’s Kathmandu Coast to Coast World Championship Longest Day.The hyped women’s race lived up to expectations with Owen, who was second in her…


5 Extreme Sports That Can Improve Your Fitness

If you are a thrill seeker and are looking to try your hand, as well as the rest of your body, at extreme sports, you might want to think about getting fit first. However, if you are a veteran of any of the popular extreme sports but are looking to…


4 benefits of extreme sporting activities

If you are on the lookout for something new to do with your time, you should seriously consider taking up an extreme sport. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like it before, it is never too late to make a positive change. Instead of giving…


Adrenalin Challenge Race - Invitation

Held on May 13, 2018, the fourth year of this extreme race is for best-trained athletes only. It includes swimming across the Elbe in both directions, cross-country biking, shooting, orienteering, rope ladder climbing at Tyrš Bridge, via ferrata, running…


Kocumová and Čípa dominated in the race up to the sky

In wonderful winter-like weather, over 400 enthusiastic runners came to Liberec on December 2 to take part in the second year of Winter Ještěd SkyRace. Compared to the first year, the competition on the major 21.5 km trail was much tougher, with the Men’s…



WINTER SkyRace® is entering its second season. The steep Ještěd slopes expect a new dose of sweat shed by a few hundreds of runners. With respect to the fact it is scheduled for December 2, the conditions might be quite dramatic.For all who will come to…

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