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Kozakov Challenge 2017

Hill Kozákov near the town of Turnov, the highest peak of Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj), does not stand out with its height of 744 metres above the sea level. It is mainly known by tourists and paragliders. However, on the map of the Internation Downhill…


The 4 Best Hidden Hiking Gems to Discover

Do you love nothing more than putting on a good pair of hiking boots and embracing the great outdoors? If so, you are probably always looking for the best hiking spot to climb across the world. That is why we are offering an insight into the four best…


Top Tips for any Novice Hiker

The hiker is in a fundamentally different station to the casual walker. Everybody enjoys a good walk, a Sunday stroll to aid digestion after a big lunch perhaps, but not everybody is cut out for the hiking life. If you are on the precipice between…


The Top 5 American Sports

Americans loves sport, and thousands turn out every week to cheer on their favorite teams. For many, it is a whole family event that includes food, sport and a good time together.Like any other country, America has its favorite sports, although the number…


Adrenalin Challenge Race 2017

Adrenalin Challenge – I can feel the life pulsing in my veins! Along with its accompanying programme, the legendary Adrenalin Challenge in Děčín is an only adrenaline sports event open to both Czech and international general public. This attractive…


JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2017

On Saturday, April 15, Czech sky-running season was open by a big event. From early morning, runners were gathering below the peak of Ještěd, to reach the number of over 500, including all the top Czech athletes. There was something special hanging in the…


Kozakov Challenge 2016 - video

In July, hill Kozákov is a traditional host of a world cup series race.From the total number of six events in the series, only two take place in Europe. Now you can watch the unique atmosphere of the international race captured by cameras.For the report…


JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2017

New races are usually not sold out long time before they start. Ještěd SkyRace managed to do that last year. This year, the race has been announced as a Czech Championship in SkyRace, divided in categories Adults, U20 and Junior. However, the race is not…


Best Treks of Himalayas in Nepal

Home to the world's most elevated mountains most trekkers set out straight toward Everest Base Camp and keeping in mind that it's an incredible alternative the open doors for experience proliferate among the pinnacles of the Himalayas of which more than…


Nepal Trekking Tips for Beginners

Trekking in Nepal is certain to be a radiant ordeal. It will be stunningly better on the off chance that you know few tips to improve this great experience by eliminating any conceivable hindrance. After you pick the trek that is most appropriate for your…

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