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Lukas Irmler in 2018 - Highline in the Dolomites

Professional slackliner Lukas Irmler (GER) first stepped on a slackline in 2006 -  a life changing experience, because the new sport he had just discovered for himself soon became more than just a hobby; it turned into a passion and five years later even…


Adrex Trickline Cup 2017

Slackline show(!) for its record-breaking atmosphere in the audience. That, in short, is the festival Adrex Trickline Cup in Teplice nad Metují. The accompanying programme finished on Friday, August 25, by the night trickline contest.When the Gibbon…


Once in a Lifetime – A Slackline Story from the Top of Borneo

Things aren't always as they first appear. What seems like a perfect thing at the moment might turn out to be a disaster. Last year, Reinhard Kleindl, a professional slackliner from Austria, known among the community as Reini, traveled to Borneo to send a highline that looked spot-on but turned out somewhat harder than he thought. Not harder in terms of difficulty but rather in terms of strangeness of the setup. Something wasn't just right. Still, this line stuck in Reini's mind for long enough to share it with others. And here it is, a story from an unforgettable trip to the prominent Mt.Kinabalu.


Untethered: A Major Step Forward for Slacklining

Mark my words; this video will have a significant impact on anybody, who has at least once crossed a line. Andy Lewis, the godfather of slacklining, passed a comment on Untethered, a slacklining film shining a spotlight on B.C.'s slacklining scene, "Your palms will sweat and your heart will race, but you can’t help but be ridiculously inspired. The cinematography, story, and pure slacklife style is beautiful." And that's exactly what Untethered is all about. The plot unwinds around Spencer Seabrooke, who completed a record-breaking free-solo highline walk in B.C. last August, and same minded group of individuals showing what they love the most, slacklining. This is not only the first full-length documentary following Spencer's record but a true and beautiful story about the progression of the sport. Not to mention the project was made with zero outside funding and the big respect thus goes out to the filmmaker Levi A. Vanderkwaak, who lived out of his van the entire shooting. This is a must watch for every slackliner!


GGBY: An Experience of a Lifetime

In November last year, slackliners from all over North America and even overseas gathered at the famous Fruit Bowl in Moab, Utah, for the seventh annual Gobble Gobble Bitch Yeah (GGBY) event. GGBY is an unofficial slackline gathering where the newest and biggest names in the sport meet together to send various lines ranging from 25 to 330 feet long; all rigged roughly 450 feet above the ground. It's a great event and Anthony Swann's superb aerial video edit captures well what this 'secret' gathering in the desert is all about. Check it out.


Has Théo Sanson Set What Could be a New World Record?

It hasn't been long after we wrote about Swiss slackliner Samuel Volery, who had almost set a new world record for the longest highline walk in Switzerland when Frenchman Théo Sanson crossed a 500 meter (1600ft) line between two legendary towers of Castletown and the Rectory in Castle Valley, Utah. The line was rigged on November 15, 2015 and Théo's attempt considered to be a new world record. Although the record distance is yet to be confirmed, Théo's video has been spreading on the internet faster than the wind and here it is.

Article with video

Make Lines, Not War

Not every video must be full of the best tricks, highest or longest lines. And for that I love the one from the recent highline meeting in Monte Piana. The event was born in 2012 from the friendship of two highliners Alessandro d‘Emilia, and Armin Holzer whose aim was to invite professional people and enthusiasts from all around the world who would like to try slacking. This September, more than 350 highliners from 20 countries participated in this friendly event. Apart from a new highline world record (more on that later on, there was a hammock rainbow created to experience Monte Piana in different perspective than what it's been renown for 100 years ago; in peace and friendship. And that's what our sports are about.

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Peter Auer Walks the First Wind Turbine Highline in the World

Peter Auer is a professional slackliner and national champion coming from Austria and the first person in the world to walk a wind turbine highline. You read it right, a wind turbine. The 50m highline was set up at the Danube Island, a narrow island in central Vienna, Austria and Peter's "extravaganza" was realized thanks to Wien Energie. After all, you wouldn't want to cross a line with a wind turbine on blowing you off. Peter is no stranger to the highline and what better day he could chose than the Global Wind Day 2015 to pull this off.


This Could Have Been the Longest Highline Ever Sent

Swiss slackliner and Swiss Champion in slacklining Samuel Volery has been known as one of the most active slackers out there. He does everything: tricks, longline, highline, waterline, tight rope. You might still remember his epic slacklining in Noli where he and his team (Samuel is one of the two founders of Slacktivity, Swiss producer of slackline gear) absolutely killed it. Always up for pushing the limits, Samuel and the rest of his crew set up the world’s longest highline between two Churfirsten-Summits - the Zuestoll and Schibenstoll. The line was 537 meters long......

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Spencer Seabrooke Sets a New World Record for the Longest Free Solo Slackline

When I watched Spencer going for a free solo world record in BC I was left breathless at the sight. Looking down from nearly 1,000 feet above the ground into the void of the Squamish Chief known as the North Gully when a drone captures Spencer in the middle of crossing a long gulf left me wonder, who else would have the balls to rig a rope here and cross the 210-foot gap without being attached to the line. No one, and that's why Spencer not only gets our respect, but scores a world record that goes down to the slackline history books. Mad!!!

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