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Thomas Steele 26.5.2024 01:23

Initially, I purchased a small amount of Bitcoin planning to use it to purchase a new artwork online. However, after reading a few reviews of the artist I was dissuaded from going through with that purchase and instead elected to hold the Bitcoin in my wallet as I had not much use for them at the time. Fast forward to 2 months later I got introduced to Bitcoin investment through an affiliate network. When I first signed onto the company, I invested over 80 % of the funds, yielding more than expected profits in three successive weeks. The network admin then suggested we engage next in a joint investment with a higher ROI, I didn’t have a problem with trusting them considering the results I’d witnessed with the previous trades so I made arrangements for more funds and dived right into the project along with the other members of the community but that would later become one of my biggest regret in life. Everything could’ve gone a lot better if one person had not tried to play it smartly. In this specific instance, the admin uploaded a doctored receipt that appeared to show details of a successful payment when that was not the case. As I will describe in detail below the doctored screenshot was sloppily edited and contained a time stamp that showed that it could not have been produced during the transaction. Nonetheless, the admin denied any wrongdoing and thus defrauded me out of the 414,000 USD payout of the investment. At that point, it dawned on me that I needed to seek alternative ways to recoup my funds or stand the chance of losing them forever. While I was researching for help online, I noted a few options but I opted to go with Daniel Meuli web recovery. I admit, that explaining my ordeal caused me great angst when I first reached out to the team but I was completely blown away by the effectiveness of the Team and the amount of professionalism displayed throughout the 48-hour duration of the recovery exercise. I deeply express my profound gratitude to Daniel Meuli Web Recovery for their support and dedication in recovering my funds back.

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