"SMS Pin Verify" service,

oksano4ka 12.7.2023 13:45

This version is a service for providing temporary phone numbers and receiving one-time pin codes (OTP - one-time password) via SMS. This service is commonly used to verify identity or perform two-factor authentication on various apps or websites.

The process of using this service usually looks like this:
You go to the site using the link fake number to receive sms where you choose the service.

You choose your country: You specify the country in which you need a temporary phone number.

You choose an app: You choose a specific app or service for which you need a number and a pin.

You get a number: The service provides you with a temporary phone number that you can use to register or authenticate with the app of your choice.

You submit a code from an app: You are provided with instructions on how to submit a code or request for a pin from the app for which you are registering or signing in.

You receive an OTP: After sending a request with a code from the application, you should receive a one-time pin (OTP) via SMS to a temporary number provided by the service.

All in all, SMS Pin Verify provides a convenient way to get a temporary phone number and one-time pin code for use in apps or websites that require identity verification or two-factor authentication. This can be useful when you need to secure and verify your identity when using online services. However, please make sure you are using a reliable and trusted service before providing personal information or making payments.